Gerald Peary, C0-Director & Writer

Gerry is the writer-director of two acclaimed feature documentaries, FOR THE LOVE OF MOVIES: THE STORY OF AMERICAN FILM CRITICISM (2009) and ARCHIE’S BETTY (2015), both of which played at film festivals, museums, universities, and were televised on WGBH-Boston. He was a veteran film critic for The Boston Phoenix and acted in the 2013 feature film, COMPUTER CHESS, which premiered at Sundance. Currently, he writes reviews for the website, THE ARTS FUSE and is the programmer of the Boston University Cinematheque.

Amy Geller

Amy Geller, Co-Director &


Amy's award-winning productions [PBS's THE WAR THAT MADE AMERICA (2005), FOR THE LOVE OF MOVIES (2009), and THE GUYS NEXT DOOR (2016), which she co-directed], have been broadcast and screened at prestigious film festivals around the world. She served as the Artistic Director of the Boston Jewish Film Festival and teaches production courses at Boston University.

David Reeder, Cinematographer &


David has worked as a cameraman, operator and crew on Hollywood feature films such as DRIVING MISS DAISY, FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, ROBOCOP 3, ACE VENTURA 2 and nationally broadcast public television documentaries. David has taught digital filmmaking and post-production courses at many Boston colleges, including Suffolk University and Emerson College. He co-edited and did the graphics for Gerald Peary’s second film - ARCHIE’S BETTY.

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Lucia Small, co-editor

Lucia is an award-winning independent filmmaker best known for her daring, boundary-pushing first person non-fiction work — MY FATHER, THE GENIUS (2002), THE AXE IN THE ATTIC (2007), and ONE CUT, ONE LIFE (2014). She also works as an editor and story consultant. Her credits include Brittany Huckabees’ AFTER FIRE (2016), Gerald Peary’s ARCHIE’S BETTY (2015), Lyda Kuth’s LOVE AND OTHER ANXIETIES (2010) and Fiona Turner’s EAT UP (2019), for which she won an editing award at the Independent Film Festival Boston.


Rob Jaret, Composer

Rob Jaret has contributed music and orchestrations to over fifteen PBS productions and independent films, including EDGAR ALLAN POE: BURIED ALIVE, HENRY FORD and episodes of American Experience. Feature films he’s scored include the documentaries TOUCHDOWN ISRAEL! and THE WAY HOME: TIBET IN EXILE. He’s a recurring collaborator with Urbanity Dance, and has provided music, sound design and audio production for video games such as Children of Liberty and the upcoming Earplay release, The Orpheus Device.